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  1. How To Lose A Job In 3 Easy Steps

    How To Lose A Job In 3 Easy StepsIt's A Free For AllAnd I Heard It SaidYou Can Bet Your LifeThe Stakes Are High And So Am IIt's In The Air To NI I I IghtIn Beautiful Downtown Auburn CaliforniaIt's...Microphone Therapy How To ...


  2. Roku Streaming Devices, HBO's Game of Thrones, Pluto Streaming Network

    Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7 were awesome, but season 8, not so much.Arcades are making a come back thanks to company's like Arcade 1UP, but there are a lot of pretenders out there selling these stand up arcade retro gaming rigs for a lot of money and people are ...


  3. Blade Runner, The Shining, and Our Top 5 Movies List

    We continue our discussion with DallasWe talk about our top 5 essential movies What are your essential top 5 movies?Claythe shining,blade runner,black stallion,clockwork orange,no country for old men,return of the jedi, MikeRaiders of the Lost Ark,Empire Strikes Back,Back to the Future, ...


  4. The Matrix, Narcos, and White Claw Malt Liquor Review

    It's Microphone Therapy -Special Guest Clay's friend Dallas.We embark on a new era of Microphone Therapy - We wish Joe the best of luck and continued success! Godspeed.We give our review of White Claw and other malt liquor type drinksThen we talk about The Matrix ...


  5. Disney Plus Loki Series, The Bad Batch, and Dirty Nerdy Stuff

    Dirty Nerdy StuffJune 15 2021Livefrom Sev's place - which is not an allusion to Akira at all.. no really, it wasn't.in the murky underground depths of shadowy behind the scenes dealsin beautiful downtown ord mantell, by way of auburn californiaits...microphone therapyOn this ...